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Happy Clients I Have Helped To Change Their Life


“Choosing to collaborate with Ilexis at Elba Behavior Solutions has been transformative. Her expertise as a BCBA allowed us to pinpoint behavioral challenges and design a targeted approach, leading to profound positive changes in our daily life."

Ryan Henderson

Engaging with Ilexis and the Elba Behavior Solutions has truly been a game-changer for us. Her depth of knowledge as a BCBA shone through from our very first session. She provided a thorough analysis of our behavioral challenges, crafting an individualized plan that catered to our unique needs, making the often complex world of behavior feel accessible and manageable.

Her approach wasn’t just about addressing the immediate issues; it was about creating sustainable change. Every strategy was backed by scientific understanding, and she taught us not only what to do but also why it worked. Under her guidance, we’ve seen significant improvements, and more than that, we’ve gained the confidence and knowledge to continue this positive trajectory. Ilexis’s commitment to her clients and her passion for her field is genuinely unparalleled.


“Her skillful approach helped me discover a newfound self-assurance I never knew I had. With this revitalized perspective, I now believe that the potential for personal and behavioral growth is limitless. Thank you, Ilexis and Elba Behavior Solutions, for paving the way to a brighter future."

Hari Sheppard

At Elba Behavior Solutions, I’ve experienced the remarkable expertise of Ilexis Elba. In a time when uncertainty clouded my path, I turned to Ilexis for guidance. Her adept approach revealed a newfound self-assurance within me.

This renewed perspective has amplified my belief in personal growth and behavioral change without limits. Through Ilexis’s work, I’ve come to understand that barriers are meant to be broken.

I’m deeply grateful for Elba Behavior Solutions’ transformative journey. With their support, I’ve discovered a brighter horizon of possibilities. Thank you, Ilexis, and the entire team, for shaping a path to a more empowered future.


“I met with Sharon after finding myself at a cross-road in my career . I can honestly say that the time spent developing my career with Sharon has been the most valuable thing I have ever done.”

Josephine Ferry
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